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We here at the Texas Wrestling Alliance appreciate the support that all of the fans have given us in our first several months.We also are aware of the inability to keep the site updated as much as we would like. So, with that in mind we are going to give the site somewhat of a facelift in the next couple of weeks. First off , the site should not have to be down at all as I have fantastic web folks in control here.The problem, quite frankly, has been too much to be done and not enough time. We are aware of what needs to be done to keep the fans of the TWA up to speed, and that is exactly what we plan to do. New bios for incoming stars, better pictures of recent shows, as well as photos of any and all WWF or ECW stars who will be or have made their way here to the TWA. The News section will start keeping you up to date as to what goes on at TWA "Total Impact" tapings as well as other information on upcoming events. The schedule section is going to have all the dates of the live events we run throughout S.Central Texas.The TWA plans on having shows every weekend as the new man in charge of booking towns is doing a great job.

We should also have the "Chat with TWA Stars" up and running soon.This will give you all a great chance to know a little more about our stars. We are hoping to do this on Thursdays between 6:30c and 9:00c. It will only be an hour so we have not decided on a time as of yet. I don't want to run against Smackdown now do I?

As far as the webcast of "Total Impact", KENS 5 did not make me aware of this until it was too late, so, what we're gonna do is have a way for you to click on the KENS 5 icon, (or whatever they want), and view TWA "Total Impact". I hope this will make it a bit easier for all of you to be able to see our product. We will do our best to make the times available for all of you that live in different time zones.

Hopefully I should have tapes available for sale in about six to eight weeks. I decided I did not want to just sell a bunch of tapes for the sake of selling tapes, I want to go through all the tapes and sell you only the best that we have. As I have said before, each of the tapes will have a theme i.e.. "Most Brutal Matches", "The Incredible Showdown", "4/4 History", and maybe something that has TWA stars against some of the other stars, (WWF,ECW), that have come through the TWA. I ask for your patience. This is a first time venture for me and I'm not all that great on a computer, but I can promise you a better site in the future. Between myself and my web folks, we have worked extremely hard to put out a good product. In our defense all I can say is that this is new for all of us and we all have other actual jobs we must do. So I hope you will continue to have patience with us as we want to bring you the best...and that takes time.

Thank you,


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