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Tuesday June 13

This Friday night, June 16th, we welcome some new Wrestlers to the roster! The Headbangers of the World Wrestling Federation will Wrestle all 3 TWA dates this weekend, and are returning for more Texas Wrestling Alliance action in the following weeks. Friday night at the West Side YMCA, they will get their shot at the Tag Team Champions Rudy Boy Gonzalez and Bone Crusher. Rudy's comments about this title defense? "Fine. So some more 'outside' Wrestlers want to drop by to get their ass kicked. So what!" Rudy and Bone better watch it, the Headbangers have booked an extended series of TWA dates and they claim their focus isn't on where they go after San Antonio, but in coming up with a game plan resulting in their being able to walk around South Texas with TWA-gold. Mosh and Thrasher have a pretty good SA-match record and last time they were in town they told CJ Cruz of 99.5 KISS (during an on air interview), "This is a headbanger town which always brings out the best in us!"

Also, San Antonio resident (yup, that's right) Sho Funaki is returning to the TWA! Sho is one of the original Wrestlers from our pre-"Total Impact" days, and he has told TWA CEO Shawn Michaels he's back for as long as Shawn wants to book him, and WWF commitments permit. This is great news for the TWA fans who have long been asking when Sho would return. He is a top-notch talent who fits perfectly with an organization where the Wrestlers really wrestle. The TWA crowds always brought out the best in Sho and he never failed to elevate his performance to its highest level. Sho is also extremely popular for his professed love of San Antonio. We're thrilled to have him back. Sho will team with Taka Michinoku and face Damage Inc. I've got to hand it to Oswald Diggs and Eddie Atlas for not being afraid to be in the ring with two such accomplished veterans, but that's the attitude of most TWA talent..."bring it on!"

Charles Poindexter Alexander is the TWA Champ...go figure? This is just another example of something we've been saying for a long time. The TWA is built on parity. Not parity through mediocrity, but parity through an equal level of desire and work ethic. Careers are established. Dreams accomplished. And upsets happen! This is part of the magic of the Texas Wrestling Alliance. It is ever changing, ever evolving, and ever entertaining! If you want action and you don't want the same old thing for months (in some cases YEARS), this organization will forever fulfill that niche in today's Wrestling landscape. Watch how CPA won the title on this Saturday Night's "TWA-Total Impact."

Look for a recap/update of all this Friday's action right here, next Monday, June 19!

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